In spring 2010, gifted photographer, filmmaker, film school alum and friend Pat McDonnell travelled to Belize to help rebuild a small rural clinic together with a team from MedicForce – a non-profit independent organization that utilizes first aid and medical professionals to provide free first aid training and care to remote communities throughout the world.
Pat created an inspiring and moving short documentary, entitled every little bit, about the rebuilding of the clinic and the dedicated local health care worker, Andreas Che.
The video was part of an effort to bring more attention to the clinic and the work of MedicForce. It’s exciting to know that since the release of every little bit, they were able to reach their initial goal of raising $7,000. But I’m sure there is still more work to do, so please donate if you can.
This month Pat returned with MedicForce to Southern Belize, where they added a new roof with solar panels and trained more health care workers! Can’t wait to see the new video. In the meantime, here are a few photos he took in Belize.
I’m so proud of Pat and very inspired by his work – both as a humanitarian worker and as a filmmaker who promotes such important causes through his creative abilities. You can check out more of his work on the website for his company Medicinebleu

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