Scott’s uncle Randy Capp has been tending a lovely flower garden in St. Augustine, Florida, for many years. Today Randy passed away. So I decided to spend a little time this afternoon, honoring the beautiful life he nurtured by filming and photographing blooms in his and his mother Carolyn Capp’s garden.

(Uncle) Randy’s Flower Garden – In Another Minute (Week 355)

When you look at these images, I hope you will celebrate with me the beauty Randy brought into this world, including his beautiful and strong daughter Nicole Hall. The garden was started by Randy’s father Henry Capp, who left this world 11 years ago. These flowers remind me how much life and creation we leave behind when we go – and how much joy the people we are missing have blessed us with and continue to provide for us every day.

Why did I put the word “uncle” in parentheses? Because Randy was the kind of guy that didn’t like to be called Mister or by his actual first name (Randy is his middle name, just like Scott is my husband’s middle name)… and he told Scott a long time ago and later me: don’t call me Uncle Randy, it’s just Randy.

Randy was the guy who welcomed me into Scott’s family like a friend, a buddy, a guy to have a beer and a joke with. While everyone in the family welcomed me warmly when I married Scott 21 years ago, it was Randy that I had the most in common with, including his love for pets and plants. I always experienced him as open-minded and open-hearted and with a great sense of humor. And the stories he could tell of those wild American hippie days…

We love you, Randy, and we’ll miss you. And thank you for all the flowers!

The song in this video is “Autumn Sunset” by Jason Shaw of Audionautix. He has made many great songs available via a Creative Commons license. Thank you so very much, Jason!

I’ll be posting photos of Randy’s flower garden throughout this week to the In Another Minute 2017 Flickr album, on Google+ and Facebook, and there will probably be a dedicated photo post on my blog. By that time, I hope to have figured out the names of all the plants… if you know any of the names, please tell me…

Red Rose in Randy’s Flower Garden

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