Thimo and a 1940s Gibson at Retrofret

Good friend and talented singer/songwriter Thimo Sander is visiting for a few days from Berlin.

While checking out guitars at Brooklyn’s extra cool Mazzotti Music, Alicia (guitar player of Dirty Excuse) told us about another hidden gem: Retrofret – a restoration workshop, store and “museum” for vintage fretted instruments. Even though they don’t have an actual store front they let us come up and marvel. The owner and staff were so friendly and helpful and even let Thimo play on these amazing instruments that I have to recommend this as a must-see visit to all vintage guitar lovers (and buyers, of course).

Mazzotti Music: 284 Third Avenue, Brooklyn
Retrofret: 233 Butler Street, Brooklyn

P.S.: Mazzotti currently has a very good deal on a vintage Gibson…

2 Replies to “Vintage Guitars in Brooklyn”

  1. I consigned a guitar at Mazzotti
    music, expecting that it would be setout in the shop, for someone to play, and maybe buy. They let someone put the guitar on layaway, for a month, without asking me,or let alone informing me. They took the guitar off the floor for the better part of a month, and in the end, the Layaway’er did not buy the guitar. I never received any Phone Calls, or Updates, and not even an apology for wasting a month of my time. I did get a Grumbly Humph, when I told them I would be selling the guitar on Craigslist instead

  2. Great picture- Retrofret is my most favorite place to bring out of town musicians when they visit me in Brooklyn- So many gorgeous, old and wierd guitars, banjos, ukes- and all manner of other instruments I don’t know the names of… and I have a crush on everyone who works there- sweet people who are passionate about vintage guitars!

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