Wallstrip, the online show Scott is producing, has been nominated for a Webby Award! More specifically, the HAHA episode, which Scott also directed, has been nominated for Best Editing. Congratulations to the editor Sean Smith and the entire Wallstrip team!

Scott has more detail about the production on his blog.

Besides the official way of getting the award, each category also has a People’s Voice award that you, yes YOU, can vote for. Please go to the Webby People’s Voice page, sign up (no newsletter, no worries), find the Best Editing category and vote for Wallstrip’s HAHA. There’ll be a party with free drinks if they win, I’m sure. Make sure you let them know you voted for them…

Here is the episode:

But the best place to watch it is directly on the Webby People’s Voice page and vote for it: peoplesvoice.webbyawards.com/account/pv_login

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