So I finally broke down and set up Google AdSense for my blog.

While I was looking into doing that I also discovered the Amazon Associates program.

It seemed sensible (and rather necessary) that I generate some income with my writing – so I activated both programs.

The google ads are supposed to automatically match content on my page. After I turned off the Asian girl ads and image ads in general, the ads seem to be mostly about Berlin and blogs. Revenue is made mostly made by the reader (that’s you) clicking on ads.
The Amazon Associates program let’s me do various things. First of all, it basically means that I have a store on Amazon and if you buy anything through that store I get a little percentage. Since I recommend a lot of things (books, music, movies) that can be purchase on Amazon, it was kind of a no brainer to try this. I can feature items directly in my blog post, like this: 
Check out my favorite record: 
Also I have several stores based on what I’ve recommended on my blog. You can see a constantly changing selection in the side columns or you can go directly to the full store: 
Every time you buy something through those links or one of the stores (I’ll be adding more soon), Amazon pays me a fraction of the price. 
Unfortunately, I think both those programs kind of clutter my page (and may seem a little too desperate?) – and so far I can’t say that the money is rolling in. So let’s just call this an experiment, which may disappear again fast. 
And now I actually have to do some real work to get really paid. 
Happy shopping 😉

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