My weekly one-minute video series In A Berlin Minute gets most of its views on YouTube. That’s where in recent months I’ve been most active in the community and therefore get the most response, which has made a huge difference in staying motivated and inspired. 
But it’s not the only place you can watch these short videos every week – and it may not be the method that works best. 
So I thought it’d be helpful to give an overview of where you can be first to watch the latest episode every Friday or where it can leisurely wait for you until you’re ready to watch. 
  1. My blog:
    Here I embed all videos and include links to further information. And occassionally share other recommendations and thoughts. 
    – I recommend adding your email address to the box on the top right, so that you get all posts automatically in your emailed to you.
    – You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this Blog by adding this url to your preferred RSS reader – or (if you see it) by clicking on the RSS symbol towards the top of your browser.
    – If you want to watch old episodes, search by title or keyword in the search box at the top right or click on the category “In a Berlin Minute” on the ride and look around.

  2. YouTube:
    Best place to see what other people are thinking and an easy way to leave me a nice comment.
    – If you have a YouTube account you can subscribe and even choose to receive an email when there’s a new episode available.
    – If you watch on YouTube I might even make a little bit of money (especially if you click on an ad).
    – You choose the picture quality of the video (I recommend 720p), which makes this friendly for all Internet connections.

  3. iTunes:
    This would be the method to get the highest quality video with the least amount of effort: each episode will automatically show up in your iTunes (or other podcast software) as soon as its released. Honestly it would be really great if some people would do that and maybe even rate the show or go as far as writing a review…
    – In the iTunes store just search for “In A Berlin Minute” and then subscribe.
    – Or click on the link above.
    – Please don’t be discouraged that it says the episodes are 6:04 minutes long. They’re not – according to it’s an error caused by meta data. Whatever that means.
    – Two catches: no links in the descriptions and no bonus clips.

  4. Blip:
    All episodes, including descriptive text with all links are first uploaded to blip, from where they get distributed to all other platforms.
    – The quality on blip is great, but requires broadband.
    – All videos have a pre-roll ad. Sitting through that might one day lead for me to make enough revenue to receive a check. Probably not.
    – On you can discover many great web series.
    – No subscription, you have to visit at your leisure.

  5. Facebook:
    – If you “like” the Facebook page, you’ll see the new videos come up in your Facebook feed.
    – Great place to see what others think and interact and easily share via Facebook.
    – I’m adding additional content, like photos.

  6. Vimeo:
    Good quality of videos in general and a community element – but no way to subscribe or be notified: visit at your own leisure.

  7. Twitter:
    Okay, Twitter isn’t really the best place for you to watch the videos. But I do share a link to each video as soon as it’s available. So if you use Twitter, you may be the first to know. And the YouTube links now are actually viewable directly in Twitter.

  8. Vodpod:
    This is actually a great way to watch, collect and share videos – however, I’m not very active there. But my videos are all there. So if you use Vodpod, please check out my videos there.
If you want to help me share my videos, please share this post or any video via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google Buzz… or any social network of your choice.

Please know I appreciate every view and every comment (um, okay, every nice comment, I admit it). I know this project isn’t saving lives and it’s not helping pay for my cost-of-living, but through your viewership and response it has moved beyond “just a weekly 60-second moving postcard to my friends and family around the world”.

Thank you for making me think I make something worth watching. 

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