World Cup 2014 – In A Berlin Minute (Week 216) 

The FIFA World Cup 2014 started on June 12th in Brazil. And just in time, Scott
and I arrived in Berlin, Germany, to watch and celebrate with friends
and strangers all over the beer gardens, cafes, sidewalks and bars of
the city that knows best how to throw a huge Football (that’s soccer to
most Americans) viewing party.

For this week’s video, I captured a few choice moments from June 16th, when we watched the Germany – Portugal (4:0) match at Prater, the Iran – Nigeria (0:0) along the streets of Prenzlauer Berg and the Ghana – USA (1:2) match at Badfish.

Thank you to all my friends who came out that day and ended up in the video (Nicole, Natalye, Adam, Claire, Dave, Steffi, Bea, Ebe
and Ian) and all the friends who met us for other matches and
get-togethers in Berlin and Hamburg this week. I miss all of you

The music is a very sped-up version of the song “Life of Crime” by Jason Matherne. Thank you, Jason!

have a lot more to say about football, football watching, world cup
watching, world cup in Germany watching, the fact that out of my friends
only Americans wore Germany-related face paint or attired and on and
on… But I’m still on vacation. So I’m going to leave you with this
video and run back outside.

Enjoy the rest of the world cup, everyone!

Fans in Berlin cheering after first goal in Germany – Portugal match during World Cup 2014

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