Granted, it was a long weekend with the celebration of the honorable Martin Luther King on Monday. But still – working on three different documentaries in one weekend is a personal record.

By now I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll be doing a voice over in All’s Well and Fair and spent part of the weekend whipping the first act back into shape with the new VO (more about that and the struggle with it another time).

Part of Saturday and all day Sunday I was shooting for Exquisite Doc: interviews, a film set, a meeting of the 2nd segment filmmaker (group) and the big meeting of anyone available to vote on the actual rules of the experimental film project.
Filming the hand-over of the first segment’s last minute to the second group of filmmakers (Thursday) and then knowing the first segment (keeping it a secret of course) and listening to the second group discussing their ideas for their segment, it really sank in what amazing potential this project has and how watching the final segments will take us on an unpredictable journey of imagination. I’m totally thrilled. The 2nd segment will be shot this coming weekend.

On Monday, Scott and I finally managed to sync up the All God’s Children temporary sound mix, that sound designer/editor Tom Lino had given us the week before. There are still a few tweaks left to do… but the final version of this documentary seems finally within reach. I cannot wait.

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