This weekend I was able to film for my documentary Exquisite Doc on the set of the second segment. Of course, I can’t say too much about it, since all segments are supposed to remain shrouded in secrecy except for the last minute of each segment which will be seen also only by the successive segment’s filmmaker.

But I think I’m not revealing too much with the following.

The second segment is being made by the all-female creative collective Indecent Exposure.

I have to thank everyone of them and their crew for being so open and inviting towards me filming them in the middle of their set. It was a real pleasure to watch this collaborative group so harmoniously work together with each other and outsiders. A true testament to how well people can work together creatively.
Of course, I don’t know what went on when I wasn’t there with my camera running… Actually they were so kind to record some of the things I would have missed otherwise, like their own conversations and interactions on and off set. They’re even saving email conversations for me to integrate into the film. See, they’re even team players on other people’s projects. So thank you Ali Mao, Sara Wolkowitz, Mary Williams, Daonne Huff, and Heather Trobe.

Striking was that producer and editor Ali, began editing the material shot in the morning while shooting commenced in the afternoon in the same room. Not only does it show how tight the turn-around time is from one segment to the other (they have to hand over their last minute this week), but also how far we’ve come with just being able to plug in a P2 card into your Mac Book Pro and just start editing right then and there.

Did I just give away too much by admitting they shot on P2 cards? It’s going to be quite a task for all of us to keep mum about what we see. Especially since it’s all so fascinating.

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