Adam Yauch
With the passing of Adam Yauch aka MCA, there was no choice what musician I would feature today, only which song.
The Beastie Boys have been part of my audio landscape since the late 1980s. Seeing them on the “Check Your Head” tour (despite my goth-girlish appearance) was one of the best shows I ever saw. Most nights I still sleep in an over-sized “Check Your Head” T-Shirt with a picture of the three. After September 11th attending the New Yorkers Against Violence put together by his non-profit was a meaningful way to express as a group of New Yorkers that we were against anymore bloodshed. 
And if I’m really honest I probably live in Brooklyn because of just how awesome that name sounded belted out by the Beastie Boys (and by the thought that it’s the one place in the world I could actually get some sleep.)
For a great collection of Beastie Boys videos check out this post on Pitchfork

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