The prime-time news show Netwerk on the Dutch channel Nederland 2 is airing a two-part report based entirely on our documentary All God’s Children. They basically cut our 76-minute documentary down to two short episodes and added a Dutch voice over. After having lived with the material for so long, we consider it quite a challenge to decide what to cut and still make it work. We’re very excited to see the shorter version. 
Also we think that this is probably one of the best ways to get the story of the children of Mamou and our documentary out to people. We would love to see other news shows pick up our material in the same fashion and create their own shorter reports out of it. If people want to know more, they can always watch the full film
The Netwerk episodes will air today July 6th and July 8th at 8:25pm (20:25). Unfortunately tonight the first part is up against the Netherlands playing in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup. But fortunately, on July 8th there is no soccer and after the air-date both parts will be available online in the Netwerk archives.

Added 7/7/10 – The first part can now be watched online HERE. It actually is subtitled, not dubbed and they changed the aspect ratio – so sometimes the image of a head is cropped off. But it’s totally amazing to see a Dutch TV host talk about the events of Mamou and see our footage play on a screen behind her. Wow.

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