4th of July in Berlin.
We managed to find all the necessary ingredients that traditionally make up this American National Holiday (alternatively known as Independence Day, America Day and “Annual BBQ at Scott & Luci’s in Baltic Park”, which unfortunately we couldn’t host this year).

Okay, it may have looked a little different in Germany than it does state-side, but it totally worked for me: 4th of July = outdoor fun + heat + family + Americans + food + fireworks
The fabulous band playing at the official International Fifa Fan Fest (during an incredible heat wave) is the Berlin band Von Luft und Liebe. I’m glad to call these fine people my friends and urge you to check out more of their music at vonluftundliebe.com.
Von Luft und Liebe

The featured song “Pinguin in der Wüste” is available for purchase through iTunes and amazon.

Extra special thanks go to my brother Asterix and his family for taking Scott and me out for ice cream and to Kevin Brown for hosting a wonderful ex-pat 4th of July party, with delicious food and drinks, interesting people and the requisite decorations (which apparently had to be hand-made!).

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