We are thrilled to announce that our documentary All God’s Children will be premiering at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 5th.

It’s been a long journey spanning from the first preliminary interviews with the Beardslee family in 2003 all the way to tracking down footage of the actual school at Mamou AFTER we had already finished the film in 2007 – causing us to stop submissions and re-cut the film again.

We can’t wait to finally share with the public this story of abuse and recovery. We really hope it will help other survivors with their healing and inspire investigations of the countless other boarding schools where children of missionaries were abused.

It’ll be great to see our film during the opening weekend of the 10th Annual Sarasota Film Festival. We’ve heard such wonderful things about the festival – not only about the beautiful location, classy celebrations and great programming, but also about their outstanding hospitality and treatment of the filmmakers and film participants.

Having such an appreciative environment and being in a beautiful Florida beach town in early April will hopefully create a comforting setting for the abuse survivors attending the screening, since watching the film and discussing their traumatic experiences will probably trigger some unpleasant feelings.

Screening Times:

April 5th, Saturday – 2:30pm
April 6th, Sunday – 3:30pm

Tickets to the screenings will be available March 14th.

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