I’m slowing down the shooting for the documentary about the Exquisite Corpse project Tag, You’re It! for now.

On Saturday I filmed the hand-over of the last minute from segment #4 filmmaker (Scott Colthorp) to segment #5 filmmaker (Daryl Lathon) and on Monday a very interesting discussion of the panelists who will be introducing the project at SXSW next week. Since I can’t go to Austin myself, someone else will be filming the actual panel. And after that I’ll be relying on each segment’s filmmaker shooting their own “behind-the-scenes” footage if I need it for the documentary. Assuming they’re willing to let me use it.

I figured that from the point of view of the documentary the hand-overs, interviews with filmmakers, cast and crew and the on-set footage won’t change all that much. Of course, I’ll want to get anything out of the extraordinary. But until then I will get used to the idea of not filming everything myself (or even accepting that not everything gets filmed), the approach of collaborative filmmaking (by using other people’s footage) and the realistic fact that this will be a short documentary and not another epic.

On a somewhat related note, Indecent Exposure Productions (whose fabulous, completed segment #2 I got to watch this past weekend) has their short film “Chords” playing this Sunday at the Reel Women International Film Festival in LA after an already successful festival run. Congratulations!

And for the grand finale: The website for Tag, You’re It! is up.

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