Finally I was able to spend two nights in Hamburg and see some friends and bands and friends’ bands and a few bars.

Danke an Arne, Ralf, Erik & Tina, Amir, Andreas, Inga, Heiko und Justin für zwei tolle Abende. I’m so lucky to have such great friends.

Here’s some visual proof that throughout the evenings my camera got drunk and therefore at first made me look kinda pretty and then everyone very blurry.

Amir, me, Arne
(Tuesday in Hamburg)

Heiko, me, Justin, Erik’s baseball cap
(Wednesday in Hamburg)

Tuesday night my friend Thimo Sander played (solo as the support) before and also (as the guitar player) during the Ben Hamilton show. It was plain beautiful. I hope those guys will make it to the US sometime.

Thimo Sander at MarX

Wednesday night Hot Hot Heat played a very energetic and fun set at Grünspan. After the show I spoke to singer Steve Bays; turns out he’s a Final Cut Pro editor as well and has been cutting some things for the band. But this reminds me: my break is over and I’ve got to get back to editing All’s Well and Fair now.

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