Yesterday was just one of those great days.

I got started with editing real early and everything just flowed.

It rained for most of the day. Over the vast flat lands of the Northern German country side that can be quite beautiful. Several times I looked out of the window throughout the day and saw rainbows. They took me by surprise every time. Amazing how living in a big city full of tall buildings you not only miss out on some natural phenomenons but you actually forget that they are real (and not just cheesy pictures).

Of course, if you live a in a tall building in New York you might still see rainbows. I wonder.

Oh, and here are some cheesy pictures I took:

Later that day I finished a new cut of All’s Well and Fair. Actually I had to keep working on it today – tweaking a few things and adding more b-roll. But it is now a coherent piece of 97 minutes.

What a day.

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