Berlin seen from the tallest building, the Park Inn Hotel (not the tallest structure, which would be the TV Tower).

This was filmed on a day and two nights in August. This is breaking one of my rules of always publishing something that I shot that week. But, hey, now that YouTube wiped out my channel where I meticulously uploaded these videos every week as a sort of weekly record of what I saw in Berlin and Brooklyn, who is really going to get worked up over such details.

It may have been a bold choice, to use such a melancholy song instead of something celebratory for these views of Berlin. But I really love this song “This Old Town” by Jason Matherne and Hollie Greer, and frankly, I was in the mood for this song. Check out the song on Soundcloud. 

And please subscribe again on YouTube to my two channels GNYBerlin and LuciWest or if you’re annoyed by what YouTube has done this week to so many of us content providers, please feel free to connect with me on Vimeo.

Berliner Dom seen from the tallest building in Berlin

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