In A Berlin Minute – web series

The channels GNYBerlin and LuciWest have been reactivated. But all videos, subscribers and comments are unfortunately gone. Please re-subscribe. I will reupload all videos over the next few weeks. 


Still shocked and heartbroken I have to announce that YouTube (aka Google) have shut down my channels GNYBerlin and LuciWest without any warning or explanation. 

I am currently trying to figure out what happened and appeal to them to reinstate these channels that I have not only put a lot of daily work into for several years – but also through which you, the community, have built a social work of art by connecting and communicating with me and each other. 

I remain hopeful that the suspension can be undone because the community is the most important aspect of the videos I share online. 

For now however, I would like to point you to the other places where you can watch the In A Berlin Minute (aka In A Brooklyn Minute) web series. 

Perpetual Explorer:

Unfortunately my vlogs and the extended minutes (Moving Postcards) don’t live on any other platforms.

Until now my company’s channel GHWP is still online, where you can watch my documentaries All God’s Children and All’s Well and Fair for free. 

In A Brooklyn Minute – web series

I am in the process of replacing all embedded videos here and on the Facebook and Google+ page with the Vimeo versions. The next step will be to replace all the links on sites like Flickr, Pinterest, tumblr, Chill etc. THAT is something that had taken me years to build – so I’m not sure if it will be physically possible to do. 

So I remain hopeful that YouTube will restore the channels so that the links will be live again. 

Until then, please watch on the other platforms. 

I will try to have a new video online by tonight as I do every Thursday, but frankly it’s a bit overwhelming right now just to update all sites and appeal to YouTube/Google.

FYI, as far as I know, I did not do anything that was offensive, broke copyright laws or
went against the specific rules of YouTube. However, I believe that this
is about using an automated service to share videos, which I was
assured followed the strict rules of YouTube. In addition, I included in
every email the polite request to let me know if the recipient does not
want to get anymore videos. About a dozen people asked me not to send
videos, which was far outweighed by the people who let me know they
appreciated getting the videos directly in their inbox. 

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