We’re back in New York. We made it through the rest of the holidays (Prospect Park Fireworks Rule). And the new year has begun. I kind of wanted to have all of our new branding up and running: the re-vamped website, the mailing list, the myspace and last but not least the blog.

I’m still trying to figure out the whole blog thing – what I should write about – how it should be organized. So I gave it a little make-over – but I’m not all happy with it. Black was classier, but I didn’t have separation between the left and right. Does anyone have any good links to blogger templates? Any thoughts?

Since we realized with Scott’s All God’s Children blog that there’s not always something interesting to write about (especially during those weeks turned into months of editing), I thought I could flavor this blog with some opinionated stuff, like my thoughts on other people’s movies and random cultural things that may or may not relate to our work and the whole media/entertainment/educational/enlightenment world.

And as soon as I have the Weitzel memorabilia video cut together I’ll finally finish up the website…

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