The IFP (Independent Feature Project), formerly known as IFP/NY, is an organization for filmmakers. They offer seminars, occasional free screenings, provide fiscal sponsorship (my screenplay and hopefully future film “Summersquash” is sponsored by them) and organize the New York Film Market and the Gotham Awards in the fall.

The LA organization Film Independent, formerly known as IFP/LA, organizes the Independent Spirit Awards.

Even though they split up all members of the two organizations (and other IFP subsidiaries, I supposed) are eligible to vote on who of the nominees will receive the Spirit Awards. That’s pretty cool.

Even better is that the IFP holds free screenings of the 40 nominated films in New York City at the Tribeca Cinemas for all members between 1/9/07 and 2/9/07.

But here comes the very best thing: all voting members are offered a 3-month free membership for Netflix to be able to rent all the films – many of which are not out on DVD yet. The catch is that at this point most of the films have a long wait-list… but in the meantime you can rent any other films from Netflix gigantic list of DVD.

No matter what else you may say about the IFP, this is such a great deal I had to write about it and say: THANK YOU IFP AND NETFLIX!

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