It is true.
It finally has happened.


I have switched over to the Mac!

I’ve already put to rest the 4-year-old Toshiba laptop (to which I had to have an external wireless adapter, a bluetooth adapter AND an external keyboard attached and which couldn’t charge any batteries anymore, making it a completely non-portable laptop).

We’re holding on to the Sony VAIO desktop (the one that shuts itself off whenever it pleases, preferably in the middle of doing something it hasn’t saved yet, the one that recently took 48 [forty-eight] hours to render the effects on the Weitzel transition video and the one that has already killed 3 external hard drives with essential media, not to mention that it couldn’t go online) for just a little bit longer while we’re making a few last tweaks to All God’s Children in the Avid program (hoping that the VAIO will stay alive that long).

With this change I’m also switching from Avid XPress Pro to Final Cut Pro.

That will be an interesting experience.
I have been cutting on Avid ever since I graduated from editing directly on two VCRs. And I’m not all convinced that I will like how easy everything just drags and drops. But the ease of exporting and conversion for online and DVDs has me very excited.

The thought that to make a DVD I won’t have to follow these steps anymore: make digital cut out of Avid Xpress from VAIO onto Mini DV tape – record DVD from MiniDV tape with DVD recorder – rip recorded DVD into VAIO – create and burn DVD with Nero Recode.

Rumor has it, with the Mac and Final Cut Studio 2 I can just export out of Final Cut to iDVD and burn a DVD! Maybe feeling “born again” is exactly what it will be like.

But the most thrilling and important part of it all:
I can finally start editing
All’s Well and Fair!

I will begin digitizing NOW!

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