We just had a wonderful, but very short, visit from my friend Jessica Mills’ husband Ernesto Longa. He is a law librarian, activist and former Gainesville radio “entrepreneur” who was doing an internship at the NAACP and couch surfing his way through a few weeks in New York.

While we had lots of fun and many very interesting conversations about tattooed librarians (guybrarians, hipster librarians?), his fascinating research on the “negro municipal court“, very alternative traveling methods and all kinds of shenanigans, right now I actually want to use this opportunity as a jump-off point to plug his wife Jessica’s new book:

My Mother Wears Combat Boots by Jessica Mills
is coming out in October but you can already place your order on amazon.com.

The book is based on her factual and very entertaining advice column on parenting in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL.

Jessica is an incredibly hard-working, inspiring, thoughtful, fun-loving friend, musician, mother, writer, activist and all around great person. I admire her work, energy and attitude greatly and am super excited that her book is now coming out.

She is definitely one of my biggest inspirations among my peers.

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