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This weekend my long-time friend and sports journalist Tobias Pox and his wife Rachel are visiting. And while Scott is creating segment introductions for the indieWIRE/Sundance Film Festival show, the rest of us went to explore the place where Elvis was shipped off to Germany in 1958: the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

What an amazing location for a shoot!

Designed by architect Cass Gilbert and finished in 1918 the complex used to be a transfer station between train lines and the water front – shipping supplies and soldiers. It’s no longer an army terminal and the trains no longer run through the middle of the building. Apparently it houses a bunch of business – including Lowel lights.

On a drizzly and cold Sunday it was perfectly deserted.

It’s located in Sunset Park, at 58th Street and 2nd Avenue.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera on me to take my own pictures. But I’m sure I’ll make it back there again soon for stills or moving images. It’s well worth the trip.

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