It’s finally happening: All God’s Children is going international. Our documentary will have its Canadian Premiere. Actually, since the film has only played in its country of production so far, this is also considered its International Premiere. Beverly Shellrude Thompson, who is one of the adult missionary kids featured, will be attending the event and answer questions after the screening.
Marilyn and Beverly Shellrude in Africa
(photo by the Darr family)
Unfortunately, Scott and I won’t be able to attend due to scheduling. I’m currently involved in an amazing digital storytelling project for an organization called Project STAY, which assists youths who are at risk for or living with HIV/Aids. At the same time we’re in the very last stages of finishing up All’s Well and Fair. And last but not least, in 10 days, I’m leaving for a month in Germany, which will hopefully lead to both of us spending a substantial amount of time overseas. But more about all that later.

Here are the details for this week’s free screening of All God’s Children in Canada presented by mkPLANET and MKSafetyNet:
Saturday – January 23, 2010 – 7pm
Queensway Cathedral
1536 The Queensway
Toronto, ON M8Z 1T5
(416) 255-0141
After the screening Beverly Shellrude Thompson (film participant, MK, co-founder MK SafetyNet) will be answering questions together with Dr. Lois Kunkel (MK and therapist) and Dana Crawford (MK and co-founder of mkPLANET). Nancy Mayer (Member of SNAP and therapist) will be moderating the Q&A.

A huge thank you to Dana Crawford of mkPLANET, Beverly Shellrude Thompson, everyone at MKSafetyNet and everyone at Queensway Cathedral for making this happen. We wish so much we could be there!

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