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What a great finish to an excellent series about crime, human relations, politics, culture, society, history, women’s studies, strong women and the men who believe in them, media, computers and, of course, Sweden. I was afraid the third book in a series that was planned to have 10, but was cut short by the early death of the talented Stieg Larsson, would end on a cliff hanger like book #2. But I think the ending works for the book as well as the series.

Granted, the beginning felt a little slow (maybe because I read it in German or maybe because there were an overwhelming amount of characters) and if it’s been a while since you read “The Girl Who Played With Fire” remembering all the connecting pieces and people can be a challenge. Also I wish more time could have been spent with Lisbeth and with The Section (as they prepare for the trial). But I thoroughly enjoyed the book as much as the other two. Excited to see the movies based on the last 2 books.


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