Ciara Elend is a wonderful, very talented, hard-working friend, artist and activist. A few days ago the Queens Tribune published an article about her with an emphasis on her Queensbound line of Queens-themed T-Shirt:

“There are no cool Queens T-shirts. People still don’t think of Queens as hip and cool even though I think of it as up-and-coming,” Elend said. “At first, I just made shirts for my friends and they loved them.”

and also the art classes she offers in Queens.

“People who have been laid off can take my classes for free. They just have to fill out a scholarship form and send in a resume,” she said. “When people are looking for jobs, it can be a depressing process. It can only be better for the community when you give people a chance to express themselves creatively.”

But you don’t have to live in Queens to appreciate her T-shirts and other fashion items, since she also has another label called Ciara Couture. Her shirts have been featured on prime-time television, political conventions and bring-out-the-vote events and various celebrities.

Also check out her blog about all things Queens and more.

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