In his position as senior producer at CBS Interactive Scott has been part of producing a new online mini-series called Heckle U: The Chance and Darrell Story.

The official synopsis:

Chance Stevens and Darrell Downing are two of the greatest hecklers of our time. With raw wit and perspiration, Chance and Darrell rocked the collegiate and pro basketball worlds. But their road to fame, fortune, and master heckle-dom was riddled with speedbumps. Watch Heckle U: The Chance and Darrell Story beginning in March to learn the story behind the greatest heckling duo since muppets Statler and Waldorf.

Today they launched the first episode, which you can watch right below (patiently sit through the short Head & Shoulders commercial and admire the man’s amazing hair).

Along with the 9 episodes airing in the upcoming weeks, they also launched a video contest, which YOU could enter by doing this:

Create a short, comedic video of your thoughts and you could win a trip for 4 to Vegas. It’s the perfect thing to do while you’re putting off what you’re supposed to be doing.

C’mon, everybody is doing it… even Scott

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