Clixoom is a German interview show published on YouTube and hosted by Christoph Krachten. It is currently the 25th most viewed Partner channel (Germany) and the 3rd most viewed Reporter channel (Germany) and the German Reporter channel with the most subscribers (followed by one of my other favorites FilmKritikTV).
The interviews are purposefully casual (tiny crew, no make-up or fancy studio), which gives them a very personal feel. The episodes in theory are unusually long for a web show, but they get broken up into pieces and then listed as playlists.
The guests come mostly from German pop culture: musicians, actors and other popular YouTubers. If they’re musicians, there are often even performances. Another aspect that makes the show so popular must be the segments where the guest answers questions from the viewers that have been submitted as videos previously.
Altogether the show stands out by utilizing many of YouTube’s tools (video response, playlist, annotations, etc.).
Recently Clixoom launched another channel called ClixoomSpezial with the goal to introduce YouTube channels that have less than 10,000 subscribers.

Initially Bjorkfan77 suggested my channel GNYBerlin (where I post my In A Berlin Minute videos) – after I shared the news with some of my viewers a bunch of them were so kind to vote for me. Y’ALL ROCK!!!

My channel was chosen and in April I met Christoph at a YouTube event in Berlin – and we did an interview.  
Christoph Krachten and Luci Westphal

Yesterday I realized that the interview has been online for about 10 days. Of course, I also had to realize right away that people (read: teenage boys) don’t write very nice things about older ladies who try to make videos that aren’t about video games. They even proudly boast when they give someone’s video a thumbs down.

So even though I was very nervous during the interview, yet sound like I’m full of myself, I hate being in front of the camera, can’t stand watching myself and feel very awkward about touting an interview about me, I DO love making videos and sharing them with others. Therefore showing this may get more people to watch my minutes. And because I’m pathetically thin-skinned, I do appreciate encouragement.
So if you’d like, please check out the video and give it a thumbs up to balance out all the thumbs down from people who think I look like Chancellor Merkel or talk like her or make videos like her???

Of course, the biggest thank you goes to Christoph Krachten for conducting this interview for his channel and for truly being that easy going as he comes across on screen, which made the whole interview a much nicer experience.

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