A great article about All God’s Children, written from the perspective of an MK (missionary kid), Laura Larson, is the leading headline on the front page of The International Faith Telegraph today.

Since most media coverage has focused on the subject of the film, we especially appreciated Laura Larson’s assessment of the film’s tone and technique and its effects:

As a film, All God’s Children benefits from compelling storytelling and a lack of heavy-handed editing and commentary. There is no agenda here — the stories speak for themselves and there is no effort by the filmmakers to diminish or “bash” Christianity.

The film’s subtle approach makes the stories all the more effective, and all the more difficult to dismiss or explain away: How could men and women that supposedly love and serve God inflict such pain and abuse on children? There are no easy answers to this question, and All God’s Children does not purport to provide any.

Please read the full article on Faith Telegraph.

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