This I will share with one sad and one happy eye (and yes this might be one of those awkward translations of a German saying that makes no sense in English – I sometimes mix that up):

Next week All God’s Children will be screening at Story House in Gainesville, Florida. That’s the town where Scott and I met and married, where I spent some of the happiest times of my life, where we still have some very dear and wonderful friends and where I’ve shot and screened my first videos (long before film school and all that complicating professionalism).

So that’s of course the happy news.

The sad news is that I won’t be able to go for budgetary reasons. (Instead I hope to go on some other trips already in the works. More about that later.)

Back to good news: Scott will be at the screening since he will already be in Florida! Together with film participants and former missionaries Ann and Rev. Dr. Howard Beardslee he will be answering questions after the screening.

Celino Dimitroff with the Story House in the background before it was turned into an art & culture space. (During a 2008 visit for All’s Well and Fair add’l shoot)

The Story House is a very cool art space started by artists Wendy Michel and Celino Dimitroff. It actually happens to be an old church and the seats are actual pews. Ah, I can’t believe I’ll be missing that screening!

But I shall return to Gainesville with a film soon… whenever All’s Well and Fair, which takes place there, is actually finished-finished.

Screening Details:

Friday, June 26th – 7pm
11 SE 5th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: 352-246-2195
Ann and Dr. Rev. Howard Beardslee and Scott Solary scheduled to attend

A huge thank you to Wendy Michel for organizing this event!!!

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