It’s fall, it’s concert season! I’m not a big fan of the big summer festivals – so I’m always excited for fall and spring when bands tour through regular sized venues. And October has started off great in just the first few days (and there have already been conflicts with great shows going on at the same time).

Here are a few videos of my favorites from the last few days.

Legendary Sophie Mueller directs the “Cheap and Cheerful” video for The Kills. Did you know that Alison Mosshart used to be in the band Discount out of Gainesville, Florida, where All’s Well and Fair is set? Oh, and you’re wondering if Alison coughed live as well? All the time. Poor woman actually was apparently quite sick. And still both her and Jamie Hince had an incredible energy!

NYC band The Postelles played support for The Kills. Unfortunately the songs I liked best don’t have good-sounding videos. So here’s one of those distorted live ones for “Stella“.

New Drink for the Old Drunks” is an older song by Crooked Fingers (Eric Bachman), who played before Okkervil River.

And because I’m still in the afterglow from the Okkervil River show last night, here are three of their songs. “Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe” was directed by Margaret Brown, who directed the excellent documentary Be Here To Love Me about Townes Van Zandt. Seeing Townes Van Zandt’s son J.T. Van Zandt perform at the NY premiere’s after-party is one of my most cherished NY event experiences (part of that is because in turn my father is a big Townes Van Zandt fan).

A Girl In Port” is just beautiful – so I even chose it over our somewhat namesake “Westfall“.

For Real” was the most powerful live – but also has a great animation video.

I don’t know exactly why that is, but seeing musicians perform live is even more motivating, inspiring and energizing for me to be creative and make films and write than watching movies or reading. Of course, it’s live, so it’s a somewhat more direct interaction. But I think that some of that feeling energized also comes from being so grateful for the musicians’ work that I wish I could create something to give back to them that may entertain, inspire and move them in return. So, now I’m very excited to get back to work.

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