Four (4!) years ago today, I published the 1st episode of my weekly 1-minute web series Moving Postcard. Back then the series was called German New Yorker in Berlin and later In A Berlin Minute and In A Brooklyn Minute.

Eventually, I re-branded the series as Moving Postcard and consider the In A… Minute title more as a category title based on wherever I’m living at the time, which is why most episodes currently fall in the category In A Colorado Minute.

Confused, yet? For good measure, let me add this: if I’m traveling to a completely different place, I use the category title In Another Minute.

Moving Postcard

There were a few times I contemplated to stop making a video every week, especially when I first moved back to Brooklyn from Berlin, then when YouTube suspended my GNYBerlin channel for a day and permanently deleted all my videos, view counts, 8000 subscriptions and thousands of comments…, and finally when I made the decision to focus more of my time and energy on my personal off-line life than on my creative projects and passions and my online community.

But I never stopped – not for a single week in four years. And I’ll tell you honestly: while I’ve often been disappointed  in my work, achievements (or lack thereof), follow-through, income etc., I am very proud of having stuck with making a video every week and sharing it with people from around the world.

The video series forces me every week to go out and explore something with my camera and to turn it into something cohesive and aesthetic. Every week, I get the chance to communicate with the wonderful people who watch my videos and often times make their own films, which I get to watch in turn.

I consider making these videos my religion, my addiction, my retreat, my ticket to a special community and possibly my largest single body of creative work (who knows how much longer I will keep making this series…).

I am finally really proud of something I am doing.

But even more so, I am really grateful to have the life style and paid work that allows me to indulge in making this series – and I am really grateful for the support of viewers like you, who continue to encourage me to shoot, edit and publish a video every week. THANK YOU!

My gratitude goes especially to those creative people, who watch my videos but whose videos I have not been keeping up with as well because, as mentioned above, I’ve been trying to spend more time and energy on my personal offline life. Another special thank you goes to all the musicians who have allowed me to user their music, especially Jason Matherne of Goonygoogoo Productions and Josh Woodward!

Now that I live in Colorado, it’s become a little bit more challenging to find interesting things to film and publish every week. So I’ve changed my own rules a little bit: while still publishing a 1-minute video every week, it may not have been filmed that same week but at some earlier point.

Another change is that I’m attempting to make vlogs every once in awhile when I’m filming at a special location. Those you can watch on my LuciWest YouTube channel.

With all that said, there will be a new episode tomorrow…

For now here are the first and the latest episode:

First episode: Plane, Bus, Still, Train – In A Berlin Minute (Week 01) 

Latest episode: Los Cabos, Mexico – In Another Minute (Week 209) 

Places to watch the series:
Moving Postcard:
Google+: http://google/+MovingPostcard

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