Vedauwoo, Wyoming – In Another Minute (Week 210)

is a very impressive park full of Sherman Granite rocks, piles of rocks
and mountains of rocks in south-eastern Wyoming, between Cheyenne and
Laramie – just a 1-hour drive north-west of Fort Collins, Colorado. The
name Vedauwoo comes from the language of the Arapaho, who call this part of the
world “Land of the Earthborn Spirit.”

Because this week is the
4-year anniversary of this weekly 1-minute web series, I wanted to do
something special. So my best friend Erik Jürgensen, who is currently
visiting from Hamburg, Whiskey and I decided to drive to the nearest
state: Wyoming. Originally, I had planned to put together a 1-minute
video briefly featuring several Wyoming (roadside) attractions.

stopped at the Wyoming welcome sign and the Tree Rock – impressive
because there are no other trees around, just the one that decided
hundreds of years ago to grow out of a few rocks, of which there also
aren’t that many right in that place.

But once we walked into the Vedauwoo Recreational Area
(located in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest), it became quickly
clear that we’d spend the rest of the day there instead of making our
way to further destinations. All we had time for (before returning to
Fort Collins for some walleye night-fishing) was the Ames Monument,
which you can see at the end of the video. It was my first pyramid
sighting, besides the one at the Louvre in Paris. I’m still working my
way up to the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids… This Wyoming pyramid was
built to honor Oakes and Oliver Ames, Jr., who were major financiers of
the Union Pacific Railroad.

Erik, Whiskey and I enjoyed Vedauwoo,
which features campgrounds, BBQ grills and everything from an easy
Spaziergang trail to rocks perfect for bouldering, so much that we
actually plan to return before he flies back to Hamburg next week.
However, there’s still so much I plan to show him…

By the way,
people have been telling me how windy it’s always up in south-eastern
Wyoming and especially around Vedauwoo. But for us North Germans who are
used to the “Starke Briese” from the North Sea, it really didn’t seem
all that windy.

The music in this video is the instrumental version of “Go” by Josh Woodward ( The song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License.

this is my 4-year anniversary episode, I would like to thank all of you
again for watching and for continuing to watch (and comment and share).
You’re what makes this whole endeavor so rewarding!

Vedauwoo, Wyoming

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