Dancing in Berlin: in clubs, in stores, on tables and on the street… There has been a good amount of it since I’ve been here – although there can never be enough! So here is a collection of a few choice dance moments I have observed this year in Berlin. As you can imagine, I put the camera down when I danced myself  – so there’s no POV footage directly from the dance floor.

Dancing in Berlin – In A Berlin Minute (Week 08) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

The biggest highlight of the week has been the visit of one of my dearest Brooklyn friends, Jessica Gould (aka “The Queen of Fun”), who is currently living in Thailand and is the first foreign visitor during my Berlin time. It seems that makes it official that I live here. She was the one that suggested I should do a dance episode. And I do try to be a good host and fulfill all requests. She’s the one with the lovely smile and the tapping “happy feet”.

The song is “Do That Again” by Emma Van Hooven

Oh, right, and in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s the FIFA World Cup. Here you cannot get away from the matches, which are screened on TVs and projectors all over the city and often times outdoors. So of course, I had to give a little tribute to Mezut Özil, who scored the deciding goal that allowed Germany to move into the next round.

If you’d like to see some more, please check out this week’s bonus clips. Below are the full versions of two dance sequences featured in the weekly video: “Hanas Tanz Team” (featuring music by Emma Van Hooven) and “Go Loco on La Rue” (featuring music by Sascha Braemer and shot at Van Liebling – right next door to my friend Andreas’ shoe store Fu Manchu). Both dance sessions happened totally spontaneously, without any pre-planning or even announcements. Berliners just like to dance. And I like that!


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