Over the last few weeks Scott has been working for Bright Red Pixels to produce several very funny videos for funnyordie.com and Lipton Brisk Iced Tea.
“The Way of the Brisk: The Untold Story” tells the behind-the-scenes story of a video shoot going horribly awry when the puppet version of Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell gets his fists installed before being provided with a brain… hilarity ensues.
Besides the main video, there are two shorter videos with more behind-the-scenes interviews and footage from the “actual video”.
What makes the videos especially fascinating is the great animation of the Mini Chuck and the fact that even though this is “branded entertainment” and part of a Lipton Iced Tea campaign, the product is actually never mentioned or seen. All that sticks with you is the slogan “It’s Brisk, Baby”, the possible association to a previous Lipton Tea commercial campaign featuring similar puppets and the ads for the video on “Funny or Die” that feature a small logo. Maybe there is also an ad campaign in the US featuring Chuck Liddell? Pretty clever and subtle. Of course, the videos can also be found on the website for Lipton Brisk.

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