I’ve never been much into watching sports. I’ve always been more interested in music, literature, cinema and visual arts.

Music is the international language that speaks to people from all over the world, literature helps us understand the human condition and embrace “the other”, cinema teaches us about other cultures and ways of life and lets us overcome our differences, visual art can move us emotionally and enlighten us no matter who we are or where we come from. All these creative and cultural experiences bring us together.

Competitive sports, on the other hand, seem to be all about regional or even national pride, fighting each other, and trying to prove that you are better than the other… ultimately dividing us into rivals. Not really my cup of “love thy brother” tea.

Oh, yeah… and then today…

… Germany beat Portugal (3:2) in the quarterfinals of the European Soccer Championship and now are gearing up to play either Croatia or Turkey in the semifinals next Wednesday and all I can say is: who cares about all that silly artsy hippie sh*t when the German soccer team is totally kickin’ a** and I’m all about watching the match and wear my German soccer jersey that I bought in LA in 2006 before heading into that English pub right on Santa Monica Blvd a block from the beach to watch the nail-bitingly exciting Soccer World Cup match between Germany and Argentina.

I guess there’s something about being an ex-pat and watching your country’s national sport a continent away…

Or maybe it’s just because the German soccer team rules!!!

Die Fraktion – Schwarz Rot Gold

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