It’s finally done – I’ve redesigned our website!

We’ve even uploaded a bunch of our films and videos – including all of the online shows we’ve done so far.

With the list of films/videos and the uploaded videos we had to make an important decision: do we follow the theory to only list the latest and most successful projects or do we stand by everything we’ve done and list the films that didn’t screen at many/any festivals (either because they didn’t get picked or because we didn’t submit to any)?

It seems that you always want to make yourself look best – especially when you want to promote your work and professional skills. But maybe looking your best can also mean that you are proud of your work as a whole, promote that you create your work because you love doing it and not because you think you will garner accolades/awards/money for it.

What convinced us to put almost everything* up on the site is that because of the advanced web technology we’re able to post all these videos in such great quality (via the wonderful that people can finally watch them all (and that without expensive festival submission fees). Yay for web 2.0!!!

So please check out and judge yourself what we have to offer.

On a related note: I was thinking of writing on the home page that we make films about “good hard working people” – but that seemed really cheesy. What do you think?

* Alright, I admit it, we still have a few skeletons in the old films closet.

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