Brenda Blethyn, Khan Chittenden

Last night we went to the New York premiere of Introducing The Dwights – an Australian independent film directed by Cherie Nowlan. A fun and moving ensemble piece starring Brenda Blethyn (who attended the screening) as the “never got her big break because she had children and one of them is handicapped” comedienne and mother of two boys in the throws of “coming-of-age”. Altogether a film about growing and the stumbling block your family can be in that process.

I laughed, I cried, there was a good amount of good-looking-people-sex – what more could you want?

Maybe they put it on a bit thick at times, I admit it. Even some plot points were just too over-the-top and on-the-nose.

But there was also a lot of truth in the child‘s perspective of the failing parent and their need to protect that parent. Ah, it breaks my heart.

I definitely recommend this film, especially to those who loved funny, sad movies about quirky families like “Little Miss Sunshine” or “Little Voice”.

The title doesn’t fit the film well and was apparently changed from Clubland for the US release.

The party after the premiere was pretty fun. Decent drinks, food and great company. And then there was
the entertaining other-worldly factor of being at the bar HOME, a bottle club, where, once it opened to the public, you had to buy an entire bottle (for at least $300) to sit at a table. Wow, amazing what people are willing to do. After the party, walking through the “Outer Chelsea” (which I only knew as the gallery district during the day), it felt like we were in LA or New Jersey. Until that moment I hadn’t realize how well I actually fit into the whole Brooklyn/Lower Eastside scene. Fun, anyway.

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