This past weekend the annual Berlin Festival, 2 days of music, took place in the hangars of the former airport Tempelhof. In the words of James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem): “I was there.”

Even though there were some security concerns and the first day ended early, certain acts were cancelled and the second day’s schedule changed, I personally had a wonderful time. Not only did I manage to get into all the shows I wanted to see (except I couldn’t stay for Peaches and Hot Chip on Sunday) and got to see some great performances, it was just wonderful to spend two days with friends (including Erica visiting from Brooklyn) on a big musical playing field.

What helped make our experience so great is that our group picked the big disco ball as a designated meeting spot for whenever – so everyone could run off to see the bands and DJs of their choice and always re-connect with the others later on.

My favorite shows were definitely LCD Soundsystem (the main reason I wanted to attend),  Junip (beautiful), Robyn (that girl’s got energy!) and Lali Puna (charming surprise).

Others featured in the one-minute video: Editors, Caribou, Erol Alkan, Jesus Zola, Gang of Four, Soulwax – and people not dancing so silently to Justice.

Berlin Tempelhof

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