A few more Instagram pictures from my trip to Brazil. If you’re on Instagram, let’s connect. My username: LuciWest.

These pictures are all from the island Ilha Grande in Rio State. 

Btw, Thursday night I’ll publish my first In A Brazil Minute video

Welcoming Committee

First Night’s Dinner View
We were glad to see that cruise ship go…

View of Vila do Abraãon from hiking trail


Colorful buildings in mostly abandoned Dios Rios with clouds hanging low in rainforest
A palm tree…

Abandoned prison in Dios Rios

Path to the beach of Dios Rios

Surprise picnic delivery on Praia de Dios Rios

Abandoned prison / lazaret

Abandoned prison / lazaret

Still functioning aqueduct

Can’t hide the Berlin hipster side if this is how you present yourself on Brazilian island beach…

View of sailboat on the hike to Praia de Lopes Mendes

Path to Lopes Mendes beach

A break on one of the “lesser beaches” on the the hike to Lopes Mendes beach

Two beaches before Lopes Mendes actually would have been a great place to stay and chill…

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