Last week I’ve had the most amazing experience during Carnaval when dancing with hundreds of thousands through the streets of Salvador, Brazil – in the Barra-Ondina circuit as part of a bloco (the group of people who have purchased a abadá (a shirt) to be allowed to walk directly in the roped off area around the trio eléctrico (a truck with a stage on top) on which “their” singer or band performs) and in Barra and Pelourinhoas as part of pipoca (popcorn), which is all the people just dancing and walking around the streets and watching from the sidelines.

Looking back at the auxiliary truck inside the Timbalada bloco
– and Sergio (who helped me figure out the titles of the following songs)
Salvador Carnaval 2013

By the time Carnaval was over I had a few of the hits that were played everywhere stuck in my head. They always bring a smile to my face, make me want to dance and get one of those mini Skols.

Here are a few of the big hits:


Dançando – Ivete Sangalo – (Actually on a trio eléctrico during Carnaval in Salvador 2013)

Claudia Leitte – Largadinho


And the band whose bloco we bought shirts for: Timbalada.

Timbalada – Camisinha – YouTube Carnaval 2013
(We were in the bloco the day before and watched this night’s show with the masses on the sidelines)

Looking at the Timbalada trio eléctrico from inside the bloco
Salvador Carnaval 2013

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