Thanksgiving in Brooklyn – In A Berlin Minute (Week 31) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

For the second year in a row we had the most amazing Thanksgiving at Alex’ and David’s apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Thanksgiving was never all that special to me because I didn’t grow up with it and therefore didn’t have any personal attachment or nostalgic feelings about it. Being a vegetarian might also have had a little to do with a lack of excitement. But I’ve always enjoyed spending time with Scott’s family in Florida and, over the last few years more and more, with friends in Brooklyn, like the vegetarian Thanksgiving at Bo and Amanda’s, a few we’ve hosted ourselves and the recent ones at the house of Alex (wine expert, DJ) and David (chef, DJ).

So this year, for the first time, I really longed to be celebrating Thanksgiving and was able to arrange my trip back to Brooklyn around this holiday.  

Again everyone outdid themselves with delicious food: everyone brought something but David created the majority and Katie provided the turkey (which Alex cut masterly) and Andrea made the most delicious Earl Grey ice cream! My personal favorite, of course, was Scott’s green bean casserole. And as is becoming tradition, we made crack nuts, too. Yum.

The real highlight of course, was the company of old and new friends and the dancing wasn’t just a blast, it also helped work off some of the food and drink.

P.S.: For everyone who attended, I’ll be privately uploading a version with all of the additional footage which didn’t fit into the one minute – some of which was actually maybe more fun, but then maybe also not necessary to share publicly 😉

Thanksgiving Turkey in Brooklyn

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