Finally did it! 
Today I finally managed to add the little Facebook and Twitter widgets and get them to align just right. 
Above (at the very top of this post) you now should see a Twitter Meme button (to share this post on Twitter) and a Facebook Like Button (to share this post on Facebook).
On the left just below the cool YouTube widget for In A Berlin Minute, you should now see the direct link or “Like Box” for the Facebook pages of my web series In A Berlin Minute, our documentary All God’s Children and my new documentary All’s Well and Fair. You can use those “boxes” to “like” the respective project pages or go directly to those pages and leave this blog (depends on where you click).
The first step was actually to figure out what the difference was (and how to articulate it in Google searches) between the “Facebook Like” button that let’s you, my dear reader, share this post on your Facebook wall, and the “Facebook Like Box” which links to the Facebook page listed. 
Figuring out how to right align the buttons at the top of the post proved a never ending odyssey – but eventually I figured out I could left align the Tweet button and take out the padding (change from 4 to 0 px).
For the like boxes I had to adjust the height and width to make them fit and not cut off the actual button. 
These were the links that helped me (and to whose writers I’m very grateful): 
I may dare to add the Stumble Upon button another day – but I’m afraid it’ll throw everything off again. Besides, all social media share buttons are below each post via addthis anyway. They’re just so tiny, I’m afraid no one notices them…
So please, feel free to share any posts on your favorite social media sites – or use the links on the left to surf on outta here…

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