Canadian band Arcade Fire just won Best Album of the Year at the 53rd Grammy Awards for The Suburbs. While it may seem surprising that The Suburbs would win over albums by Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, I wasn’t actually surprised. All three of their albums have been outstanding – full of layered dynamic, inventiveness and heart. And this is definitely my favorite (and best) album of the year – and it’s been quite hyped and celebrated by media and fans alike.  
When I see how happy Win Butler and the rest of the band are after accepting the award,  I have to celebrate them some more. Fortunately they played my favorite song “Ready To Start” right after the acceptance speech:

It’s quite possible that this video off the TV screen will be taken down, so here is also the official live performance video for “Ready To Start”:
I did just realize that their Spike Jonze directed short film Scenes From The Suburbs is playing at the Berlinale this week and there are still tickets available (challenge at Berlinale).
Now if only they’d play a few more shows this year so I can finally see them live…

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