There is so much I could say about Margaret aka Margo Briggs – friend,
mother, musician, artist… and subject of my on-going documentary
project “All’s Well and Fair”.
I could tell you what an inspiration she is – especially for positive
thinking and healthy living. But I think you should just watch this
video and get a glimpse of her spirit yourself…

Meet Margo Briggs – In A Minute Portrait (Week 320)

… and then you can go over to
and watch the last version of the documentary I filmed with Margo
Briggs, Tina Bushnell and Rachel Iannelli and their children in 1996 and

I’m currently in Gainesville, Florida, filming the 2016
footage for the next version of our documentary. It’s been going
amazingly well (except for the rain right now) – and I can’t wait to
share with you how everyone has “turned out” – especially the children.

You can follow the production of “All’s Well and Fair” via my daily updates on

thing I forgot to get Margo to talk about it her band As Is (which also
includes our friend Hollie. Hollie!). Will be seeing them play (and
catch some footage) on Monday. Oh, and Margo was one of my bridesmaids!
Yes, a lot more could be said. But I gotta run so I can keep making this
movie “All’s Well and Fair”!

Oh, yeah, and the noise of cicadas
is pretty awful, I know. Oh, how I know! Today we re-shot some of
Margo’s interview in a different location just for that very noisy

Musician, mother and All’s Well and Fair subject: Margo Briggs

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