Museum für Naturkunde – In A Berlin Minute (Week 13) 

Das Museum für Naturkunde Berlin… how is your German coming along? That’s right, it’s the natural history museum of Berlin.

On Sunday, Scott, Judith and I decided to do something different for a change – something that doesn’t involve sitting in front of our computers or hanging around a bunch of friends consuming food and drinks. 

Talking of food, Scott and I did kick off the afternoon with lunch at a near-by Subway – our little cure for the homesick blues. Yup, it’s exactly the same, except that the soda fountain has no ice so your soda stays super sweet and sticky and warms up throughout your meal. I learned my lesson and got sparkling mineral water this time.

The first hall of the museum impresses with real dinosaur skeletons and very cool 3D animation that brings them to life – a project our new Berlin friend and animator Andreas Rohde was involved in.

After that it just gets creepier and creepier – as you’d expect from the type of place that might have inspired films like Jumanji and Night at the Museum. Granted, it’s not as big as the Smithsonian or the American Museum of Natural History in New York, which by the way just unveiled an amazing-sounding iPhone app to be used in the museum.

But the Berlin museum had a parasite section that added an extra special touch. They even had live bed bugs! Eeek!

Stuffed Animal

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