I’m neither from Georgia, nor am I anybody’s son.
But for some reason I just can’t get enough of the song “Georgia” performed by Band of Horses.
Maybe it resonates so much because I just visited my parents in my
childhood home or maybe it’s because I know I’m getting ready to leave
my home country Germany again very soon. Or maybe it’s just that some
songs you just connect with for no apparent reason. 
Although I think the original version of “Georgia” by Cee Lo Green is great as well – the cover version just has more emotion for me. Somewhat ironic maybe, Cee Lo Green is actually from Atlanta, Georgia – while the band is not. However they have
other connections to Georgia.
They also recorded the song in return
after Cee Lo Green covered the Band of Horses song “No One’s Gonna Love You”. Both
covers were released as a 7-inch split. 

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