“1920s Silent Movie” – In A Berlin Minute (Week 67) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Did you notice? That’s right: this is Berlin in 2011 shot with my iPhone and the nexvio 8mm Vintage camera app – and not an actual silent film from the 1920s.

The phone app offers several different lens effects and film styles – not just black and white. Probably the one I like the best is XPro look the best, which has great retro color saturation – but I had wanted to make a “silent movie” with modern footage of Berlin. This week my TZ-10 had to be sent in to Panasonic to have the lens internally cleaned – so the timing was perfect.
Brandenburger Tor
Brandenburg Gate

Some of the sights you see in the video:

Siegessäule (Goldene Else)
Französischer Dom
Deutscher Dom
Berliner Dom
Hackescher Markt
Brandenburger Tor (at Pariser Platz)
Retro Tram on Oranienstrasse
The music called “Hurry” is from the Sam Fox Silent Movie Book and was played on a Hamilton Vertical by Richard Frohlich. The song falls under Creative Commons License and is available for free download at freesound.

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