I love The Odd Luminary and I want everyone to love him with me. I suspect him to be slightly grouchy (who wouldn’t be at his age?), yet always offering a cup of tea. A slightly dusty smell lingers around him and a feather of his owl Bubo slowly floats to the ground. And of course, he is full of amazing and curious stories…
Bubo’s Favorite Note Cards

Sorry, totally getting ahead of myself… What I wanted to tell you about is the wonderful “online curio shop specializing in fine art and handmade oddities from around the world” called The Odd Luminary. It is run by the talented and very hard-working Katherine Guttman and Daniel Mathers out of Brooklyn, NY. 

Ossuary Relic (Rat Skull Necklace) by Nouveau Motley
It’s no wonder though that my first thoughts go to the character of The Odd Luminary, whom Daniel drew and whom Kate has given life through her beautiful and imaginative ghost-writing.
So instead of me trying to describe what the curio shop is all about, I’ll quote from the website:

The Odd Luminary travels the globe accompanied by his faithful owl Bubo. Together they search for strange and wondrous things, which they bring from the four corners of the earth, back to the seven corners of their centenarian home in Brooklyn, New York.

The sleepy house is brimming with odd creatures, beautiful handmade art, and many peculiar one of a kind pieces that often defy description. You may uncover the details of his travels and possibly gain insight into the man himself by sifting through his online journal. Please stay awhile, explore his gallery and feel free to purchase from his collection.

The Winter Book by Elizabeth Beronich Sheets
He keeps a fascinating online journal and is known to share his thoughts on Twitter. Even the descriptions of the items sold at the shop are little literary pieces.
Which brings me to the most important part of this (also very well-designed) online shop: the actual items for sale. Kate and Daniel themselves as well as an array of international artists and craftspeople have created a unique selection of wares that are sorted into six different categories: The Laboratory (statues, dolls and other creatures), The Library (books, note cards, stamps), The Attic (jewelery, apparel and bags), The Parlor (trinkets, iPhone skins and odd ends), The Gallery (prints and photographs) and The Vivarium (plush animals and bird cages).

Glo by Stitches & Glue

And yes, they DO ship internationally.
Happy exploring, shopping and following along The Odd Luminary and his friends on their adventures… 
Bubo Sketchbook

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