Awesome music dance viral video new media campaign!!!
Jacob Krupnick directed the epic video series “Girl Walk // All Day”, which follows three dancers throughout New York City as they dance along to the entire Girl Talk album “All Day”.
Girl Talk aka Greg Michael Gillis specializes in mash-ups and sampling and making everybody dance. I’ve seen him perform live and thousands dancing along.
This wonderfully executed modern dance adventure through New York City seems like a perfect match for his songs (excpet that he’s not from New York). Apparently he didn’t have anything to do with this production. Funds for this creative endeavor were raised via online fundraising site Kickstarter.
The album “All Day” can be downloaded for free from the website of record label Illegal Art. 
Personally I was quite charmed to discover the kick-ass charismatic dancer who many might recognize from the TV show “Good Wife” (and others from the All Day precurser: girl dancing on Staten Island Ferry): Anne Marson.
The online magazine Gothamist releases new episodes every Tuesday and Friday.
Below are the trailer and the first four episodes.

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